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ARM STRETCHING (Brachioplasty)

Kol Germe - Kol Estetiği Ankara

The arm and shoulder are both functionally and aesthetically important in terms of our bodies. Since people wear short-sleeved t-shirts and athletes often during summer days, they are very careful to look at their arms. These distractions can also be due to the loss of the confidence of the people whose arms are not seen as aesthetically. Two of the reasons why the outer appearance of the arms are badly influenced are the fact that the arms are greasy and flaccid. Secondly, the arms are too thick. The leather on the upper part of the column is very suitable for oiling and sagging. Pregnancy, weight changes, seasonal features can play a part in the problem of this part. For arm stretching, some of the body fat of the patient is observed to be fat, while in others, the sagging is observed at an extreme level. Appropriate treatment should be determined and applied to the patient accordingly.

Arm Stretch Surgery

Arm stretching surgery is the process of correcting the hanging part of the fat layer in the inner and lower parts of the arm. The arm stretching operation should be performed by general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia at the hospital in the operating room environment. The average time for completion of the operation is two hours. People can return to their homes after the necessary controls are completed after the operation. The elliptical area on the inside of the arm and forming the sagging is treated to get rid of the skin and fat tissue. It is necessary to open the incision for operation. Generally, this incision is attempted to prevent the appearance of the incision in the inner region of the arm. There is no medical problem in this situation. If the sagging in the cord is excessively high, the incision is enlarged to move under the armpit. As soon as the arm stretching operation is completed, the arms are held up for a certain period of time. Any swelling that may occur on this vial is blocked. Drains can be used to remove bleeding from the body after operation. The arms may not be fixed in a solid manner, but the arms may be moved using an elastic bandage. The person who survives the operation may perform some of the day-to-day operations after the operation, provided it is not severe. Keeping the arms up in the first two days after the operation and not eating them too much is very important for the healing process. The use of a corset for elastic bandages and arms is recommended for approximately 2-3 weeks.

Arm stretchıng wıth laser lıposuctıon

Arm stretching can be performed with Laser Liposuction for arms which are low enough to ignore the skin hanging, which are suitable for this operation deeply, but which are elastic, but have too much oil layer. This application is mainly a process of oil removal from the laser. Because the laser application creates both tightness in the deep structure and also allows the fat layer under the deep to be burned away from the body. This method can be applied on the patient alone or as a complementary role besides arm stretching surgery. For this reason, when a procedure is performed for the front face of the arm during arm stretching surgery, incision traces that may form in that region do not occur when this method is applied.

Arm stretchıng and tıghtenıng wıthout surgery

There are certain conditions for arm stretching without surgery. First of all, the body structure of the patient should be suitable for this process. Arm stretching and tightening without operation can be done by ultrasonic arm stretching. The success in patients with this procedure is less than the success rate in patients treated with surgery. This method is not recommended for patients with definite results. But it is the ideal method for patients who do not want to cut their bodies. If you want to benefit from this quality service, you can get more detailed information about the procedures and also make an appointment by calling our clinic in Ankara.