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Breast reduction operation is a procedure performed because the breasts that are normally bigger structures of the individuals can not be moved due to their heavy weight. Individuals may feel uncomfortable due to their excessively large breasts. This poses a problem for them because of their aesthetically negative appearance. The main purpose of this operation is also very important in terms of both feeling physically well and physically relaxing individuals. Another positive aspect of this operation is that the big breasts, which can cause back and waist aches, can be minimized and this pain can also be ended. In addition, rashes or fungus formation is prevented by this operation in places where the breasts contact the body in order to have a big breasts. As a result, these breast problems are resolved by Breast Reduction operation.

Thanks to the chest reduction operation, both physical recovery and physical relaxation can be observed by removing the chest tissue which is found in the body too much. With this operation, many patients feel physically well and physically relaxed. From this point of view, especially the unilateral chest size is also an important problem. The result of this problem is the difficulty of dressing and the problem of balance arises when walking or standing.

Along with the developing technology, many techniques have been developed on behalf of the Breast Reduction operation. The source of these methods is usually the region from which the chest is bleeding when the chest head is taken upwards. Surgeons specializing in this area usually perform operations with superior or supero-medial breast pedicle options.

Women and surgeons who complain about the size of their breasts consider both the size of the breast and the degree of sagging of the breast when planning this operation. At this point, the main decision is the woman’s choice to go through the operation. At the end of the operation, the chest should appear in the size of the woman and in the sagging. Generally, patients who apply to surgeons for this operation want their breasts to be proportionate to their bodies. However, some women may prefer to have their breasts larger or smaller than their body size as a result of the operation. The larger the breast of the patient who applied for the operation, the greater the reduction rate. At this point, surgeons need to recommend that women have better chest proportional to their body.

A number of criteria are being sought for those who apply for breast reduction surgery and who receive a positive return from their surgeons. These; chest head sensation, breastfeeding and scars. These conditions should be explained one by one before the surgery to the woman who will pass the operation. These criteria are of utmost importance in terms of patients who have reached a certain age and are young and have children who are younger than those who will not or will not have children. The chest-head sensation disappears as the size of the chest’s droop increases. In other words, the size of drooping determines the degree of sensory loss in that area. The mobility of the woman in the chest area during the operation increases for three years but some loss can occur. Although surgeons take necessary precautions for milk ducts during operation, nothing can be said for breastfeeding. The reason for this is that some of the chest ducts remain open and the milk is able to fill this point. As a result, it can be painful and swollen in the head, and the issue of breastfeeding can be troublesome. Regarding the scars that will be formed after breast reduction surgery, the healing process of these wounds varies from person to person. Tracking is also the same. In other words, according to the physical characteristics of the individual, the wound can heal in a month and this process can also be found for 3 months. Individuals with a low degree of sagging on the chest have rounded scars, whereas individuals with high sagging grades have T-shaped scarring.

The fat and skin layer that makes up this excess is taken from the breast which is normally large in breast reduction surgery. At this point the breasts are brought to the desired size. As a result, the breasts are erect and during the same operation, the dark part around the nipple can also be shrunk and the chest becomes more upright. The goal here is to give the woman who survives the operation a breast that is more dimensionally dimensioned, more appealing to the beauty phenomenon and compatible with body measurements. Breast reduction surgery, which is applied to minimize the normally bigger breasts, can also be applied with the breast augmentation procedure aiming to smooth the breasts during the same procedure.

For this operation, which is of great importance in terms of aesthetics, general anesthesia or local anesthesia supplemented with sedation can be used