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Aging for humans is an unwanted, but unstoppable condition. When we overtake our thirties, we start to see signs of aging at the bottom of our eyes and in the lines that smile when we smile. These signs become clearer and more intense as the age progresses. All the structures that make up our face are affected by these changes, which is the cause of aging.

When the bony structures of the face begin to thin out over time, it leads to a reduction of the elasticity in the deep and the formation of obvious wrinkles. The decrease in the fat and muscle tissues beneath the face skin and the sagging that starts to show its effect on the soft tissue, causes the whole skin to be decorated with wrinkles over time. These effects, which are reflected by the time of the past, cause us to gain a lifeless and tired look. It may be impossible to prevent the passage of time, but it is possible to delay the effects of aging and to eliminate the negative consequences of aging by facelift operations.

Neck and Face Lıftıng Surgery

Aesthetic facelifts are not enough to stop aging. The neck stretching operation with facelift surgery also allows the patient to look more vigorous, energetic, healthy and young. The face structure of a patient who has undergone facelift surgery shows that he is quite young and alive compared to the age of the patient even if the effects of aging continue.

Anatomically, it is divided into three hundred different regions and each region is assessed separately within itself for surgery. The area containing the temple area, eyebrows and forehead is called the upper face. The upper face region is generally subjected to forehead stretching. Cheek stretching operations involving the cheek area and called midface are performed. The part of the face that contains the lower jaw and the neck region is called the lower face, and the operation applied to this area is neck stretching surgery in general. The post-operative operations can be done separately or simultaneously with each region.

Removal of facial wrinkles and sagging by facelift surgery

Face lift operations can be performed using sedation with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. Although the duration of surgery is variable depending on the application, the average duration is 3-6 hours. The upper face (forehead) is incised in the scalp to be in the scalp during stretching operations. In mid-face (cheek) and lower face (neck) stretching operations, the incisions are done in the same way, taking the measurements of the back of the ear and the limits of the front. Since the traces of the operation are contained in the joint areas and in the scalp, there are no permanent and obvious signs in the patient.

It is expected that the patient will come to the region of bruising and swelling in the face region after the operation. The patient will not have severe pain complaints. Simple painkillers can be taken to ensure that the pain is felt during the early times. During the first 24-48 hour period following surgery, application of ice treatment to areas of intense bruising and swelling can be of considerable benefit and can be of considerable benefit in reducing swelling. Some creams that need to be taken with a doctor’s recommendation are supporters that get ahead of the bruising and accelerate the healing process.

After Aesthetıc Facelıft

Since most stitches performed in facelift operations are melt stitches, no additional stitching is required. One week after the operation, the patient can return to his former experience and work experience. The patient may be resisted after facelift operations. This may require the patient to remain in the hospital until the next day of the operation.

Face-lift operations are operations that achieve high success and eliminate the effects of aging and wear on the patient. It makes it look younger and younger than its real age. Smaller wrinkles and non-surgical stretching methods may also be helpful in resolving problems.