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FUE (Follıcular Unıt Extractıon)

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Hair planting using Fue technique is a process of transferring the hair follicles to the area to be sown without directly cutting the body. During the purchase of hair roots, no bisturia is used, no longitudinal cut is made in the skull, and there is no need to suture. Therefore, there is no need to show extra care in order to protect the skulls of the individuals.

After obtaining the appropriate amount of hair follicle from the area with hair density, very small channels are placed in the field to be fired by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. In order to open these channels in our clinic, medical needles developed with the latest technology are used. Just as a needle is applied to a patient for the purpose of giving a drug to the needle is not left after the trail of this method of hair implantation process after a few days after the operation will not be such a trace. No cuts or scratches are performed during the operation and no such traces are observed.

The new design in the area where hair roots will be added is very important. In terms of natural appearance of the area to be planted, the location and orientation of the channels to be opened, the proportions of the hair line, the width of the hair, and the method of hair transplantation are very important. Briefly, hair transplantation is the most important and necessary step of this operation. At this point, the surgeon to perform the operation must be experienced and skilled.

Once the design decisions are made about the hairy planting region, hair follicles will be placed one by one in this region. The root of hair roots must be strictly of the same standard, and the root of the planted hair roots should be the same size. Once hair roots have been placed, a final check is performed to evaluate the success of the operation and the operation is completed. After hair transplantation has been carried out, the items related to the hair care of the individual to which the operation is made should be explained both verbally and in writing. If appropriate advice is not given to the doctor’s advice, the person should be warned that the operation will be repeated. If you want to benefit from this kind of quality service, you can call us from our contact numbers and request detailed information about the operation and an appointment.