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Nowadays, for many men there is aesthetic operations demanding breast reduction operations in men in clinics. Gynecomastia, defined as chest problem which is expected to be overdeveloped and physically enlarged in males, comes from its superiority in a short time with modern aesthetic techniques applied in our age and serious reductions are provided in this context.

What ıs gynecomastıa?

If we look at the definition of gynecomastia, men’s breasts are meant to grow and expand more than they should. Gynecomastia has many causes. It is suggested that the most common of these causes is hormonal imbalance. This problem, which also has a genetic background, can be quite uncomfortable for men. In order to prevent the problem of gynecomastia, surgery is performed by specialist aesthetic surgeons.

What are the causes of gynecomastıa?

Gynecomastia can occur as a result of the beads coming out of the breast region with the fat location showing density. In this context, gynecomastia can show the ability to appear in two hips. In the event of the onset of this disease, the best option is to consult a specialist aesthetic surgeon and take a look at the necessary measures. In the case that the gynecomastia can not be stopped in the later stages, an operation is the subject.

Breast Reductıon Operatıons in Men

There are services provided by many clinics in the area of breast reduction surgery for men. The clinics that serve men to reach the breast scale and to get rid of this problem are generally located in central and metropolitan locations. This reduction operation is being applied for adult people who have larger and larger mammoths than necessary. Breast augmentation is constantly ongoing and a second operation may be needed if the measurements are still large. In this sense, it is important to have an opinion of a surgeon who is an expert in the field.

Pre-gynecomastia surgery

In case you decide for breast reduction operation, it is necessary to make an examination in the first sense. Experts examine the size and subordinate causes of overgrowth in the mammoth to conduct research into how to solve the problem with an operational model. As a result of this, the process is entered before the operation and there are some issues that need to be taken care of in this process. Until the date of operation specified, you are required to observe certain rules that you will be aware of by your specialist. These rules generally include the use of certain medicines, withdrawing medications such as herbal pills, and performing a certain period of smoking cessation. In order to get a successful result from the operation, the importance of these matters is extremely great.

What are the techniques of gynecomastia surgery

In general, the methods of breast reduction operations that are being performed for women are also applicable to this procedure for men. As a result of the surveys and various examinations made, it is determined whether the growth in the breed is locally or generically developed. The operation technique is then selected in the light of these determinations. Prior to the operation, a local or general anesthetic application is being made in the direction of the doctor’s decision. This is followed by the decision to decide which technique will be used as the most important issue. In this context, liposuction is applied when the growth on the breast is observed to develop due to the growth of fat tissues in a certain locus. It is preferred to use it in a wide range of liposuction aesthetics, which offers the possibility of operating with capillary tubes with cannula name. It is generally based on the principle of loosening the fat tissues and then vacuuming them. Liposuction applied to areas such as abdomen and hips has a wide use area in the field of aesthetic surgery. A region based on the principle of cutting and removing tissues can also be applied here if the aggregation in the fatty tissues is not only for a specific region but spreads over a larger area and is located in a difficult region. As a result of the examinations done by the doctors, it is decided which technique will be right for the patients.

What is the success rate of gynecomastia operations?

As a result of the aesthetic operations to be carried out in order to prevent the gynecomastia problem which has become the fearful dream of many men, the success rate to be caught is quite high. It will be easy to see that these operations for breast reduction are followed by a very small reduction. If steroids, medications or high-lying weight gain are indicated as the source of the gynecomastia problem in the hospital, these conditions should be considered after the breast reduction operation and these medications used should not be continued. If the growth and growth of the mammals are seen due to the uncontrolled weight gain, it is important for them to live a regular life in order to protect the kilims of the people.

Is gynecomastia surgery risky?

It does not pose any serious risk as a result of the implementation of the globally accepted breast reduction operation in modern medicine. In this respect, some risks can arise depending on the patient’s body symptoms, the condition of the aesthetic operation, and so on. Risk factors may also occur in breast reduction operations depending on anesthesia practice. In this context, it is possible to encounter changes in the nipples and to encounter various aches. It is possible that this condition, which is called hematoma and can be translated as a bleeding problem, can be seen as a risk factor. Finally, the emergence of mammographic asymmetry problems is a risk factor. In fact, the first factor in preventing these risks is the conditions in the clinics where the operations are performed and the knowledge and skill of the aesthetic surgeon. At the same time, it is necessary for the patient to listen to the advice of the doctor in preventing these risks.

As a result of breast reduction operations, careful work is being done to avoid any traces on the body. However, the condition of not leaving traces after operation on this subject differs according to the intervention technique to be selected. There is no trace of liposuction that is used to prevent the problem of gynecomastia caused by a regional lubricant. If a more comprehensive and serious application is to be made according to this application, it is possible to leave a trace because part of the chest is subjected to anesthesia cut and removal process. Within the scope of operations, these traces are minimized and carried out with great care.

What is the cost of gynecomastia operation?

There are several factors that are effective in breast reduction prices. These factors can be listed in general based on the location of the breast tissue and the location of the oils, the technique applied for the operation, the choice of the aesthetic surgeon involved in the operation and the selection of the hospital. In this operation, if only liposuction application is sufficient, a more attractive price is offered to the patient. This is because the cost of liposuction is reduced and it can be completed quickly in a short time. However, within the scope of operations such as tissue stretching and degreasing, the cost increases depending on these factors.