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Hair loss is one of the greatest fears of men. Hair loss that comes from every sex and age group will make you feel bad, unhappy, old, tired, bored and unsafe. Hair spikes are applied to regain the spilled hair and restore the old look of the person.

The most important criterion in hair transplantation is that the hair is natural and beautiful. In order for hair growth to be successful, many important factors such as natural appearance of the forehead and forehead line, compliance of the roots to the original hair, distribution of the hair roots should be performed in the healthiest way.

Natural Haır Transplant

The basic condition for hair implant applications is to be able to design the front hair line as natural as possible. The most appropriate hair line is decided by evaluating many variables such as the age of the patient, expectancy, grade of openness in the hair, forehead lines. Hair line is different for women, different for men. In the frontal line of the stomach, attempt is made to obtain a natural forehead in the lateral regions. In female patients, the frontal hair line is considered as a straight line. The front hairline should be shaped like a saw blade, with recesses and protrusions, never flattened, natural look should be close.

Roots that have single rods on the front line should be planted. This gives a natural look to the front hairline. Double, triple, quadruple roots are planted behind the front hairline and the desired hair density is provided in the area concerned.

The direction of the hair plantation to be done determines the angle and direction of the natural hair that emerges in that area. The depth and direction of the channels to be planted should be designed to provide the closest resemblance to the natural hair. These factors must be taken into account in order to be able to plant a successful and natural appearance.