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Kalça Estetiği
It is probably the dream of all the ladies to have a butt that looks outward and fuller with the help of hip aesthetics. As the popon looks upright, aging, gravity and weight changes can prevent it. Various methods can be applied in order to show the popo upright and shaped. The first of these is the butt enlargement process by wearing prosthesis. Prosthesis insertion from the buttocks and hip aesthetic methods is performed with a prosthesis inserted with a small incision through the fold between the two hips. With this method, the butt crumbled and saggy butt gets a more upright and fuller shape and has a more beautiful appearance in terms of aesthetics.

The second method of the buttocks and hip aesthetics is the hip bulge enlargement process. In this method, the butt can be shaped by liposuction and oil injection. By applying liposuction to the lower areas located on the outer part of the lower part, excess fat layer is taken in these areas and as a result, the butt size is shortened and the sagging view is aimed to be corrected. The middle-upper regions of the population are injected with oil to give a full image and verticality to the bottom. As a result of the application of liposuction, cellulite is also removed in the areas where this process is applied.

Hip Lifting Surgery

With this method we offer as a third from the buttocks and hips aesthetic stages, the butt gets a steep and oval appearance. The ratios of this process are the hulled skin on the bottom of the buttock and the removal of the fat layer collected in that area. During this procedure, incision occurs in the body, but the scarring problem does not occur since this incision is located in the remaining layers at the bottom of the foot. Hip Bottom With the operation of stretching the buttocks, the butt is injected into the areas where the pops are missing and the butt gets a more upright and fuller shape.

Hip aesthetic without surgery

Another method that is applied in the name of being upright and plump is the Popo Aesthetic Filling Injections method without surgery. With this method of application, the bump that the bump has is increased and a more upright appearance is obtained. If you would like to receive these services without your consent, you can request an appointment by calling us at our contact numbers.