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Dudak Estetiği - Dudak Dolgusu Uygulaması Ankara

Applying lip aesthetics can result in a variety of combinations of hyaluronic acid products in order to add a new dimension to the lips and to thicken them. Candidates that are eligible for this practice have regularly shaped lips. Raising only the red line of the lip aesthetic lip in these individuals is enough to get extraordinary results. In addition, proper denture occlusion helps to achieve better results in terms of dental implant application. In those who have asymmetrical lips whose left and right parts of the lips are different in length and thickness; this should be monitored and shown to the patient before lip balancing is performed. Providing symmetry is not always an easy process, additional retouching may be required. However, the patient should be informed about this before this practice so be prepared for what can happen.

Lip Filling Lip Plumping Without Surgery

In patients with long and thin lips, the results of lip filling may be limited by lip application. For this reason, after a week or two, the patient should be informed that more efficient results can be obtained with additional administration. For individuals who are very close to the teeth lips, care must be taken during lip enlargement. Because the defect in the teeth may pass over the upper lip, which can also cause a very protruding lip image. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid choosing very large lip structures in the lip fillings to be performed without surgery.

Prior to application, patients with cold history may need antifreeze treatment because infections that may occur after the intervention may trigger new herpes formation.

Lıp Enlargement by Fıllıng Lıps

With the lip fill method, the average amount for each lip varies from 0.5 cc to 1.0 cc. With the completion of placement, permanent irritation and bruising may occur due to needle trauma. These risks are reduced by cannula application.

Immediately after injection, the lip size should have arrived at the end result. Patients who have sudden swelling after application will have their lips trimmed after a period of 3 to 5 days. The important point here is that it is not too large than the filler placed on the lips. In such a situation, the application may be at risk of recurrence. If the desired size is reached as a result of the first injection operation, subsequent injection operations are unnecessary.

Lip Fill Retention Time

Metabolism and mimics of the individual are very important for the persistence of the lip fill. Much of the thesis is active in patients with a long lasting lip lip is shorter than other diseases. The fill should stay on the lips for at least 6-12 months at least, even if the activity diminishes. Lip Fill Retention Time can be extended thanks to the second or third filling made on the existing filler in many patients. With previous injections, lips can be shaped better, volume can be increased and lips can be formed with subsequent injections.

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