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LIPOFILLING (Fat Injection)

Lipofilling (Yağ Enjeksiyonu)

Lipofilling, which has been translated into Turkish oil injections and has started to announce its name in the medical world, is considered as aesthetic operations. This method has been successfully tested on only four people in Turkey in the first place. This is the elimination of the image impairment that occurs anywhere in the target body. Thanks to the bad image, the self-confident and psychologically stronger individuals are gathered. At the point of how the operation is carried out, there is a kind of method that does not resemble the aesthetic operations previously applied.

This method is to inject the fat layer from the abdominal region into the area where the key point view is defective. There is also a very important point that distinguishes this operation from other aesthetic surgeries. In other esthetic surgery, foreign substances which may contain carcinogenic substances are placed in the body. In this method, abdomen oil, which is the product of the body, is also used. Although transferring the abdominal fat layer to a different part of the body requires a serious operation, you will see that it can be withdrawn when you see the result. The fat layer transferred to the ebony chest is the silicone used in other operations. explosion like materials, no risk of tearing. It never loses the appearance of this transferred oil layer and does not cause any problems in the future because it is compatible with your body.

Lıpofıllıng Treatment

This method, which basically produces excellent results for the face region, has become applicable to every region of the body thanks to advancing technology. Lipofilling treatment is performed by our plastic surgeons who decide with the patient who is coming to the examination. This is the transfer of the source of the application to the area where the oil from any area of ​​the body is disturbed by the appearance of another part of the body. This fat layer to be transferred is usually taken from the abdominal region. During the operation phase of the operation, our plastic surgeons generally prefer the general or sedative anesthesia method.

This method has not yet capture the required values ​​in Turkey. However, considering the percentage of success achieved in the end of the operation, it seems to be a preferred method in the following periods. Fuller lips, beautiful tense facial lines that individuals want to have are giving very desirable results thanks to this operation. This method is quite successful because the percentage of success is very high compared to other methods.

Turkey can not have a successful plastic surgery operations thanks to this new beginning to settle. If you are uncomfortable with any point of view in your body and want a permanent solution, you can choose this method without thinking. You can regain the bright and alive appearance of your youth during the operation thanks to the self-contained operation materials.

One of the positive points of this operation is that the fat layer taken from any point of the body can make a healing effect on the body. Doctors in Turkey can be a pretty good way to evaluate the situation. Through the lipofilling operation, the tissues taken from one point on the body are transferred to another point, that is, a kind of tissue is transplanted. The realization of tissue nakrans by such an easy method is the hope light in other diseases. It is a particularly important source of cancer and bone marrow transplantation.

With this method, you can perform lip fillings, chest operations and facial procedures without feeling any pain. This method has been ongoing since the first day it was discovered. This process, which should not be overlooked, should be carried out mostly in European countries. From here it is possible to understand how advanced the process is. If you want to benefit from this kind of quality service, you can call us from our contact numbers and get detailed information about the operation and request an appointment.