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It is the aesthetic type that is made for the person with low nose, who has a large belt at the end of the nose in serious condition. The basic goal of the nasal aesthetic is to get a much better view and gain self confidence. It is a nasal aesthetic that is suitable for patients who do not require a major operation, but who are deemed sufficient only for removal at the tip of the nose. Nasal aesthetics can produce effective results just like nasal aesthetics. Beyond these functions, the nasal aesthetic improves the bloat of the tip, it beautifies and at the same time gives the person a healthy appearance. The elevation of the tip of the nose is known as 105 to 110 degrees for ladies and 95 degrees for men. It is inevitable for the nose to appear much longer if it is caused by low nose and difficulty in the nose and because of its aesthetic appearance. Therefore, the nasal aesthetics provide effective solutions to this problem.

Nose lıftıng wıth surgery

Nasal surgery (Tipplasty) is based on the procedure during the effort shown to lift the tip of the nose with a low proportionate incision. If rudeness is present at the tip of the nose, this rudeness can also be removed from the middle during aesthetic surgery. The aesthetic procedure is performed with a small incision made in the nose and the end cartilaginous structure is septumped. In this case, the nose end lift is increased and the ideal aesthetic appearance is expected.

The advantage of this method is that the application of gypsum and buffers is unnecessary and there is no morcellation. It is also an important advantage that people do not keep from everyday activity and life.

Note: A slight edema occurs at the nose tip after the nasal surgery. This can be removed by a thin band. The healing time is healthy and fast. The original anatomy of the nose does not deteriorate at all.