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Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery is a technology that develops itself every day. Rhinoplasty is a preferred aesthetic surgery for shaping, correcting, and entering curves inside and outside the nose aesthetic surgery. This is to make the aesthetic surgeon’s basic nose fit to the other face structures.

Breasts that have important parts in the female body deserve to look beautiful, of course. Plump, size suitable for body structure and beautiful appearance is aesthetically important. Due to birth, weight and other similar diseases, it can be difficult to reach the imagined breasts in the desired size.

Estetik Cerrahi

Both in Turkey, many women across the world as well as chest – live discomfort from breast sizes. Large, drooping, low-calves are really a problem for women. The structure of the memories has a serious role in the female body and psychology. The fact that the memories are much bigger or heavier than their normal causes serious physical problems and impairment. It is also the main cause of neck, back and shoulder pain. If treatment is not done in a timely manner, posture deterioration, hunching and respiration problems arise. It also involves rash formation, sweating and fungal infections due to friction with the abdomen. The bra is also causing the hangers to leave a mark on the bottom.

From a psychological point of view, large mammals can cause a woman to be shy and shy, and psychological factors that create a woman in her inner world. In addition, limitation of movement, difficulties in choosing clothes, efforts to conceal the size of the breast and moreover, it affects the social and psychological life of the person negatively. Breast reduction surgery is done to get rid of large and drooping breasts. In this surgery, cosmetics are aimed at physical recovery rather than healing. Serious relief is felt after surgery in the physical condition caused by breast size.

In this special operation, the skin is removed with the oil and the breast tissue. The memories are made smaller, lighter and firmer. With the same procedure, the dark deep ring diameter around the nipple called “Areola” can also be reduced. The aim is to get smaller, beautiful and proportioned tits.

With breast aesthetic surgery, desired results can be obtained. The nipple head, nipple periphery and lower part can be turned into desired proportions. With the vertical scar technique, the inverse T scar technique has become almost unusable. There is no horizontal trace under the breast on this count. If this post-operative delivery is done, there is the possibility of breastfeeding in large proportions. The patient is thoroughly and thoroughly examined before this operation. Nipple head, position, breast size, breast pendulum, breast structure are evaluated at a good level. The breast tissue should be assessed by breast USG and, if necessary, mammography for strictly control.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 3-4 hours. After 3 to 4 hours after the procedure, the person can get up. Sometimes you can stay in hospital for a day. There is no serious pain after the procedure. Pain medicines can also be used in the case of the presence. The surgical tip is covered with a surgical bra. After 3-4 days, you can take a shower and after 5 days you can do a desk job. There is not any trouble in flight.

Since it is made with self-priming stitches, there is no need for additional troublesome stitches. It is possible to enter the pool and the sea on the 15th day after the healing of the sewing lines. It may take about 3 to 6 months for the wound to heal as the mammal is getting the exact shape as desired. In this period, social life can be continued.