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Ultrasonic nasal aesthetics is a popular application today. This operation, which is being carried out in Estenik Aesthetic Surgery Center in Ankara, has much detail.

What ıs Ultrasonıc rhınoplasty?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is one of the most popular new therapies in nasal aesthetic surgery. is a new technology that enables the operation to go much more efficiently. With this technology, the nose, which is expected to be made before the process, does not disappoint you after the process. During this process, a device called ‘Piezetom’ is used. Does not disturb the patient by increasing the temperature in the area; This technique based on bone tissue facilitates the work of the aesthetic surgeon to a great extent.

This method, which makes shaping the bones much easier than other methods, As the name implies, it works ultrasonically. The device, which works with sound waves, when applied to the nasal bone, only breaks in the nose in millimeters.

What are the advantages of Ultrasonıc rhınoplasty?

Ultrasonic nasal aesthetic surgery has many advantages. The elements that prevent the patient from being infected and breathing after the operation are reduced to such an extent that they are not destroyed by this method. Because Piezetom is very narrow (millimetric) in application area, it prevents large fractures in the patient’s nose. This means that you do not need to roam with bruised nose and eyes for days.

With Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, you can bypass your nasal surgery with minimal pain and a rapid healing process. One of the reasons why the operation is so popular is that it is easy to implement the operation. With this method, which greatly facilitates the work of aesthetic surgeons, it is greatly facilitated to obtain the desired nose.

How ıs Ultrasonıc rhınoplasty Applıed?

Ultrasonic nasal aesthetics are started with a nose design suitable for the facial contours of the patient. A nose which will go to the face of the patient and look natural to the face is determined, and the image of the nose is shown to the patient with Photoshop when agreed with the patient. In nasal aesthetic surgery, the process that gives the closest result to the image transferred to you with Photoshop is ultrasonic nasal aesthetic method. Because with Piezetom, there is not a long broken line in the nose of the patient. This provides a much easier application, allowing the nose to be given the desired shape. It also helps to give the nose belt a much more aesthetic appearance. For this reason, ultrasonic rhinoplasty emerges as one of the most frequently applied procedures today.

Is Ultrasonıc Rhınoplasty Surgery Paınful?

Ultrasonic nasal aesthetic surgery is one of the methods that reduce the suffering of the patient and complications that may occur after the surgery. Since large fractures in the bone do not bring into the field and do not infect, excessive bleeding and pain are not expected after the procedure. Especially if you have thin bones, the interference with the bones will be made easier thanks to the piezetom. Ultrasonic nasal aesthetic surgeries have become widespread throughout the world, as the probability of any damage to soft tissue is very low.