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The abdomen is one of the most important regions affecting the individual’s body, weight and health. During the pregnancy period, women experience loosening and sagging in their abdominal muscles after delivery. Rapidly cracking, fine lines and wrinkles are seen on the bottom. In addition, excessive weight, continuous table-top jobs or food business sector in the constantly classic reasons for business reasons due to abdominal fat, belly button, skin disorders and so on. flaws are seen.

In addition to these kinds of problems, most men suffer from excessive weight-bearing abdominal muscles, irritation and sagging of the abdomen. This appearance is basically affected by tearing, tearing, and leaping outwardly between the muscles that tear the tissues that are in contact with the muscles that make the abdomen’s front wall and the muscles that help keep the internal organs in the flat. As a result, the abdominal region is not only lubricated and open between the muscles, at the same time the destruction becomes the subject. People have difficulty in choosing clothes, can not wear comfortable bikinis in summer, have difficulty in swimwear and underwear clothes. Moreover, walking, moving, difficulties in situations. There is pain, withdrawal and contractions in the waist and back region caused by excessive weight.

Despite this and other nice abdominal problems there is effective anti-abdominal treatment. It is possible to get rid of these problems thanks to an operation called abdominoplasty. This surgery, the abdominal area of ​​the excess skin and fat tissue to take, the abdominal wall muscles is a means to tighten. It is applied in combination with liposuction, which is called liposuction, for the purpose of lowering the waist many times. After this special combined surgery, the cracked skin in the abdominal area is healed, the sagging and fatigue are eliminated. Excess fat is being exterminated and tenderness is seen in the abdominal area. It should not be seen as an operation that can only be applied to overweight people. It is a weak operation but it is also suitable for the individuals who have the skin of the abdomen and the cracks. If there is no sagging with weight in the abdominal region, it should be applied together with the fat extraction method.

General Results After Surgery

Correction of cesarean traces during abdominal stretching, healing of similar disorders such as umbilicus is high. As a result, the abdominal region becomes smooth, the internal volume of the abdomen decreases and it relaxes. Much less food increases the feeling of satisfaction with food. In consequence, it is possible to feel less hungry. This is the most effective way to reduce obesity and overweight, which makes it easier to lose weight.

Warning: Persons with weight loss should postpone the operation and be given all the kilos as much as possible.