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The thigh is the name given to the upper leg region of the body. Thigh stretch operations are an important type of operations performed for body aesthetics. Some conditions, such as pregnancy, aging, sudden and excessive weight changes, cause sagging by loosening the inside of the thigh. Sometimes the upper leg structure may be thick and independent without hanging. If there is no sagging in the thigh, if only one complaint is oil, the best treatment is laser liposuction. If there are sagging on the inside of the thigh area, the thigh stretching operation and laser liposuction are performed simultaneously with the patient.

Thıgh Lıftıng Surgery

Thigh stretching operations are performed by removing the excess fat and skin from the inner and upper parts of the thigh. During these surgeries; the skin and the fat tissue beneath the skin are removed through an incision extending from the crotch to the inside of the thigh. The remaining skin is stretched in the lower part and provided with this gusset upwards. The skin pulled up is then sewn to the groin area. The surgeon’s permission to remain in the folded area between the groin and the thigh and to hide it in this position is ensured. Thigh stretching with transverse incision may not achieve the desired result in patients suffering from weight loss. In such cases, the skin inside the thigh must also be stretched longitudinally. Therefore, it is best to use a T-shaped incision when the patient’s thigh stretching operation is performed in this group. Thigh stretching operations are performed in an average of 3-4 hours, in the hospital environment and during general anesthesia is used during the procedure. It is sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for one day after the operation, in order to monitor the measures and progress.

In thigh stretch surgery, it is often possible to combine operation with laser liposuction. The fat deposits in the other region of the thigh are melted to make the legs look smoother. Liposuction in the thigh is moderate, and loosening is mild. Laser liposuction alone may be sufficient in treating these problems.

After Thıgh Lıftıng Surgery

In terms of patients, thigh stretch operations are very comfortable in terms of complaints such as pain. But since the leg area is the area where the person can walk, a good rest period is needed after the operation. Urine probe and corsus are routinely used postoperatively. The risk of overcoming adverse effects on the healing of the wound due to the close proximity of the urine line and the potential contact makes the use of probes and corsets necessary. Because of this risk, detailed and close follow-up of the patient after the operation is beneficial.

In situations where there is no great need, thigh stretching and abdominal stretching operations should not be performed on the patient. While the abdominoplasty pubic region and muscle are pulling up, the same region is pulled down in the thigh stretching operation. This results in a large load applied to the crotch region during thigh stretching. This burden is the risk of opening the stitches. Opening the sutures may bring the effects and traces of the surgery to a more pronounced, more negative dimension, while targeting a more taut, more uniform leg appearance.

Thıgh Tıghtenıng

Non-surgical methods may also be applied and result in skin tightening on the inside of the thigh. Ultrasonic thigh stretching, in other words, focus ultrasonography, is the most important example of these methods. Focus ultrasonography; especially in the correction of the inner loosening of the inner part of the thigh. The effects of the process last for an average of two years. Only one application can be made during the process, but the process can be easily repeated if it is deemed necessary. This process is very beneficial with the effect that the skin under the skin provides for the thinning of the fat and the effect it creates for tightening the thigh skin.