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Kulak Estetiği - Kepçe Kulak Estetiği Ameliyatı Ankara

The ear organ of our ability to hear has both an important place in the outer appearance of the individual and one of the most sensitive organs in the body. This delicate structure of the ear affects the individual in the outdoor environment. It is also an important organ in terms of the beauty of the ear which is very important in terms of aesthetics. Problems with the ear can come from birth as well as later. Apart from these types of problems, ear surgery is the most commonly performed bucket-ear operation. This operation, in which the open ear is corrected, is given the name “otoplasti”. In this operation, correcting the folds of the ear, which is normally different from the formation of the basic purpose, is to obtain a better image in terms of beauty and esthetics by bringing it closer to the open ear skull. That is, bringing the ear to its natural appearance.

Ear Aesthetic

The width of the ears, ie the scoop ear problem, is a problem that is found to be approximately 3% to 5% lower among individuals living in the community. Because of this, individuals can be the people who are mocked in the environment they live in. The main goal in ear aesthetic operations is to get the appearance of the ear image in normal people. Although the complaint of everyone experiencing this problem seems to be common, the shape and size of the problems vary. For this reason, each individual who has a problem should have their ears examined differently and the patient and the doctor should act accordingly. If such a problem is encountered in newborn babies, this can be corrected more easily after birth. The problem of the open ear that is noticeable in newborn babies can be treated by tape and ear splints without any operation. This process can be applied for several months in terms of yield. The problem is solved in most of the babies with this method.

Problems with the ear are not just the scoop on the ear. Ear defects can occur in different species. These include, for example, normal large ear, no ear at all, problems such as constricted ear. Proper operation method can be determined and applied in terms of solution of these problems. Individuals with ear disorders that occur as a result of their profession or natural events can also be removed by a doctor. The most common of the ear related applications is the earlobe problem, which is torn due to the embryo, although there is no malformation in the head. The fact that the use of earrings is so large as to force this problem to play an important role. In general, this problem can be solved with a small surgical aesthetic operation.

Bucket Ear Surgery

Buccal ear operation can be done to individuals after a certain age. This age range is between 4-5 years of age recommended by specialist doctors. The main reason for choosing this age range is the completion of ear development until these ages, and the operation to be performed does not involve any threat to the growth of the ears. In fact, the most appropriate period for surgery is pre-school childhood. The group that has the highest number of operations in terms of psychological impact is high school and university students. For young adults and adult patients, operation can be easily performed using sedation anesthesia. For children younger than age, general anesthesia is recommended during the operation. The primary goal in surgery is to fix what is wrong with the ear. A small incision in the curved region at the back of the ear and a fully incomplete ear fold are the process of approximating the cartilage of the ear that resembles the cartilage inside the ear to the skull of the ear. Patients do not need to stay in the hospital after the surgery is completed, and they can return to their homes after the necessary checks are made. Since post-operative pain is very mild, simple painkillers known to the public will see the work of patients. In the first few days after the operation, there may be a sensation of pressure in the ear and it is expected that no other problem will occur. After the operation is completed, the ear is dressed and wrapped. This dressing and dressing can be removed the day after surgery. The operating ear can remain open during the day, but bandage should be worn in the ear while lying at night for the next 1 month after the operation.

What are the Bucket Ear Problems for Ear Aesthetics?

Although the bucket ear problem differs mainly in size and shape, it is basically the same kind of problem. In the formation of this problem, one of the parts of the ear, the earbud, is not normally folded or it is very open to the outside. The cartilaginous part of the back of the ears is over-developed and directed towards the outside, triggering this problem. Sutures can be placed between the cartilages in the back and the skull in order to free the ear from the open position. These stitches do not cause the patient any pain or pain. They appear to be at the back of the ear,