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As the field of aesthetic surgery continues to evolve day by day, breast enlargement ranks first among the operations most people want. Particularly in the ladies who give birth, there are various chest problems following the birth of the baby. As a result, we are implementing a breast augmentation operation for the ladies who contact us. Through the operations we have done, ladies are getting a more aesthetic attitude while getting the look they desire. Even if it is an easy process; Before and after the operation there are things to be aware of.

Breast Augmentatıon

Some examinations and examinations for breast augmentation surgery should be done before the operation. Breast volume of the incoming patient must be determined. Otherwise, unwanted problems may be encountered after the operation. The person who wants to be operated will be asked what fullness the chest desires. Measurements are then made about the width of the thorax with the height and weight ratio. An analysis is carried out at the point where the porosity desired by the person can not comply with these measurement results. Especially among the mistakes that the ladies made, they are going to visit their doctors with visuals of various operations. Special operations need to be performed in the field of aesthetic surgery. At the beginning of these, breast augmentation surgery has to be done strictly scientific action.

Breast Augmentation Preoperative Evaluation

Prior to the start of the surgery, specialist doctors in the field of aesthetic surgery have a great importance in breast evaluation. Of course, it is more important to analyze the evaluation properly. First of all, it is necessary to know that the aesthetics made for a woman with a small breed have more positive results than the big ones. However, whatever the pre-operative size, nipple head position, breast symmetry, volume, base diameter of the breast, analysis of the distribution of the breast tissue and finally the evaluation of the fold line under the breast. Following all the evaluations, the prosthesis which is most suitable for the lady who will make aesthetic is preferred. The patient should be informed about the exact place from which to make the decision. If the person wants to enlarge their breasts and if their breasts are sagging, breast enlargement surgery as well as breast enlargement surgery should be performed.

Breast augmentation methods with breast implant

Although the ladies would like to have a breast view of their dreams, they often have various hesitations about it. However, prostheses have no side effects for human health. In addition, the prosthesis that is inserted has a durability that will lead to the end of a human life. Prostheses composed of interconnected tissues known as cohesive structures never contact people’s cells and do not put your health in danger. Those who come to us and have breast augmentation surgery will have absolutely no problems. Because; We, our patients, use prostheses approved by the FDA. We also give everyone a safety certificate.

There are some points that people who want to have breast augmentation surgery with silicone should pay attention. First of all, although the operation seems to be a simple operation for the physicians, the operations performed in the hospital conditions always result in more success. You definitely do not do this operation outside the hospital. Breast augmentation procedures are performed by general anesthesia. Although the duration of surgery varies according to the experience of each doctor and the condition of each patient, the average operation time is 2-3 hours. Cutting can be done from 3 different areas while the operation is being done. Among the areas that can be made; There is a catgut line under the armpit, a perimeter of the nipple, and a catenary line underneath the nipple according to the patient’s condition. The regions that can be used for implanting the prosthesis are also; subcutaneous, subcondylar, dual plan, and at the same time supra-muscular regions.

The physician can decide from which region the prosthesis should be placed, by listening to the patient’s story and, on the other, by examining the chest. We listen to your life story to give you the breast model in your imagination, we care about your preferences, we also make our operation cuts and prosthetic placement according to your breast condition.

Immediately after you have a breast augmentation operation, your mammals appear to be larger by 20% than the operation and prosthesis we have actually done. Your breasts stand firm and stand apart. After 1 month from now, the breasts start to come to normal size and soften. For its true nature; 6 months at the earliest, within 1 year at the latest.