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Bacak Estetiği Ankara

One of the most important aesthetic units for many women in the body is leg aesthetics. Having beautiful legs adorns every woman’s dream. Many women are victims of skewed and slender legs. Sometimes the accumulation in the knee and the thick legs are disturbing. In this sense, it is possible to obtain legs with beautiful appearance as a result of the aesthetic interventions of the legs.

Legs have an important place in terms of aesthetic appearance of women. For the ladies wearing shorts and skirts, the legs become a sexual object at the same time. Lower legs that are normally thin or thick are irritating. The subject that complains most in this area is the legs that are thin or have a distorted appearance. For women suffering from this condition, leg shaping and thickening can make them more aesthetically pleasing than their old counterparts. In this case, leg prosthesis placement is applied to increase the thickness of the leg and to correct the shape.

Dıstorted Leg Aesthetıcs

Many women are unhappy because of their skewed and slender legs. This situation can be negative for women, like the fear of wearing skirts. Even if more leg exercises are performed, it is unfortunately not possible to fill the leg muscles at a desired level. In this sense, there are various methods for solving problems such as distorted leg aesthetics. The muscle behind the leg has two heads. One of these heads ends on the inside edge of the boot and the other ends on the top edge of the boot. This does not increase the fullness of the knee and ankle while maintaining a masculine appearance as a result of excessive development in the leg muscles.

Garbage Leg Surgery

In these cases, which have excessive thin appearance and are called as garbage legs, general anesthesia, toothpaste, leg aesthetic and leg implants are performed in the hospital environment within 1 hour. In general, implants are placed inside the lower leg. The length and volume of the prosthesis are generally determined according to the person. When we take the knee in the base, we position the leg implants 5cm above and 5cm above the base of the ankle. It is useful to apply oil injections with the implant in order to provide softness in the transition of the prosthesis as well as to increase the filling in the ankle and knee. Implants can also be implanted on either side of the stomach due to adverse events such as child paralysis or trauma, or due to the wishes of the person.

It is possible to separate two legs as upper leg (thigh) and lower leg. The insides of the leg, which are not plump and distorted, are generally the most common complaints of lower legs. Complaints about the upper limb are the relaxation that develops in the upper internal locus and the weakness seen in the mid-inner region.

Optıons for the Treatment of Leg Aesthetıcs

For Lower Leg;

  • Leg prosthesis (calf) calf implant
  • Laser lipolysis
  • Treatment that results from the transfer of fat tissue from the root cell
  • Application of filler injections containing hyaluronic acid

For Upper Leg;

  • Thigh stretching operations
  • Laser lipolysis
  • Treatment that results from the transfer of fat tissue from the root cell
  • Application of filler injections containing hyaluronic acid

Leg Implants

At the same time, the size of the leg implants is determined in accordance with the wishes of the legs. In this sense, asymmetric prostheses are the most commonly used. Since the upper poles are more fuller, asymmetric prostheses are able to provide muscle head filling due to this feature. It is also preferred for the prostheses which are all covered by the underpants. Here is the aesthetic of the leg is caught in this way. In the case of short prosthesis transitions are more severe, so a non-aesthetic appearance can occur here.

After this surgical operation, the patient is put on a varicose sock. In the first week, we are asked to stay in the foot for basic needs only. The return to normal life can take as long as two weeks.

Outside of the leg prostheses, there are injections of oil into the field or aquafilling fillings. Calf prostheses may be preferred in this area in order to obtain legs that look fuller and aesthetically more magnificent.