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EYELID SURGERY (Blepharoplasty)

Göz Kapağı Estetiği

Ophthalmic aesthetic surgery is a reliable and preferable aesthetic surgery because of the fact that its results are very clear, that the normal returning period is painless and short, and that the operation is carried out with an eye closest to the childhood period. Occasional clumping in the eyelids can sometimes lead to irritation from the family, sometimes with matured age and lack of sleep, and these negativities in the eyelids may be old and exhausted as individuals.

These functional changes in the eyelids can manifest themselves as enlargement, aggregation, downward sagging, wrinkling, eye irritation, eye twitching, color changes in the skin, purple rings around the eyes, in the upper and lower eyelids. These constructions in the eyes of the individual may make them feel older than they are. In addition, the individual may feel exhausted and uncomfortable.

In addition to this, the release of the upper eyelid more than normal can restrict the eyesight and cause the patients to lose sight of the eyes, and to see it intentionally and to control the environment. In this case it was almost imperative to carry out eyestrain aesthetic operation. Eye-eyelid surgery can be supplemented with the aesthetic operations of other parts of the face. As recommended before all surgeries, it is very important to avoid cigarette consumption and to avoid drugs and foods that will dilute the blood in the eyelid surgery, not less than 7 days before surgery. These measures are effective within 7 days after the operation is completed. Failure to comply with these rules can negatively affect the healing process of the wound and can lead to bleeding from very fluid blood.

Eyelıd Surgery Anesthesıa Shape

The aesthetic surgery to be performed on the upper eyelid can be performed safely and comfortably in the format of local anesthesia. The aesthetic operation to be performed for the lower eyelid can be performed by sedation or general anesthesia methods. As can be seen, eyestrain surgery may vary according to which eyelid surgery the Anesthesia Shaping operation is performed on. If the patient and the doctor prefer an operation for both the lower and upper eyelids, sedation is preferred rather than general anesthesia. Contrary to what is believed in such operations, there is no long-term rest in the hospital. Patients can return to their homes within a few hours after the operation.

Procedures Performed in Eyeshadow Operation

Operations performed for ophthalmic aesthetics can usually be completed in as little as 1 hour unless otherwise noted. Excessive skin in the aesthetic operations applied to the eyelid, the muscle layer beneath this deep, the tissues are removed from the lumpy layers of oil. After this operation, the locations of the tissues taken out are closed medically. This will last for a lifetime for the region as skin coverage is taken from the upper part of the eyelid to the upper part. Excessive amounts of tissue should not be removed during these operations. After completing operations for the upper eyelid, stitching will be performed to close the incision. Sutures will not be visible because the stitches will remain in the pit area where the eyelid is joined to the skull bone.

For the eyelid surgery, the incision to be made will occur on the lower part of the full eyelashes. As the baggage event usually occurs in the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid should be avoided from being interfered extensively. The crucial point of the operation applied to the lower eyelid is that the muscles to which the procedure is applied are to be slightly tightened to prevent sagging. The wound will close itself over time as the incision to be opened for this procedure is on the spot where full eyelashes have come out.

After Esthetıc Eyeshadow Surgery

Once the operations for eyelids have been completed, there will not be an obstacle to seeing you around because the use of very thin bands to close the wounds. After these operations it is not possible to close the eye completely. After the operation, there may be slight bruises and slight swellings depending on the body structure of the individual. Applying ice treatment to the area during the first day after the operation will give positive results in order to minimize these negative effects. You can request detailed information about the operations or request an appointment by calling us from our contact numbers.