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Meme Estetiği Ankara

One of the body regions that women want to look best is their breasts. For this reason, breast aesthetic operations are one of the most applied procedures in female body aesthetics. Memories are the most important things for women because they express their femininity and motherhood. It is the desire of every woman to have a sufficient full-caliber breast that looks just beautiful aesthetically as well as this concept it contains for women. The Breast aesthetic operations are the ones that lead to breast reduction, deformation; pregnancy, sudden weight change or problems caused by genetic traits, and to achieve the desired appearance and well-being in the breast area.

Breast aesthetıc surgery

Breast aesthetic surgeries are based on the size of the breast. If the problem in the meme is only the smallness of the breast, the best procedure is the enlargement surgery. Macrolane and Aqualift fillings have hyaluronic acid content and are the most commonly used methods in breast augmentation operations. It is the greatest advantage of this practice that the patient can return to his daily life after the operation in the shortest possible time, and the recovery process is alive. The disadvantage of the application is that the post-processing permanence can not be achieved and the growth achieved is dissipated within two years.

Another method used in breast augmentation operations is the oil injection method. In this method, the required fat is removed from the root and gained fresh milk. Some 60 to 70 percent of the oil injected into the cavity protects the mammoth permanence. If a very high growth rate is desired in the meme, this method alone may not be enough. If the desired growth has not been achieved since the injection, an additional session may be required to reach the expectant.

Another way to apply breast augmentation is the use of silicone prosthesis. The advantages such as being permanent and bringing the breast to the desired size guarantee the desired result to the patient. Before the Breast augmentation surgery, it is imperative that the planned growth of the doctor and the patient co-ordinate together. When the size of the enlargement to be provided is decided, criteria such as the patient’s desire and expectation, body structure, amount of breast tissue, width of the breast base, height-weight ratio of the patient are evaluated. Prosthetic essays and sample illustrations will guide you in determining the magnification size.

If the problem in the meme is great; The best practice that can be done is breast reduction operation. Prior to the Breast Reduction operation, the patient should be assessed for criteria such as the structure of the mammary gland, pendulum, size, and nipple position by providing a thorough and thorough examination of the patient. The size of the tampon and the degree of sagging determine the surgical procedure to be selected for the reduction procedure. For patients with mid-sized and low-sagging breasts, a vertical technique is used that will leave a vertical trace down the nipple. Applications that leave an inverted T-shaped mark are evaluated at the reduction of very large mammals. Liposuction, also known as oil application, can be used when the nipple is not too large but the fat tissue ratio is high.

If the only problem in the groove is the slack, the process that needs to be done is sewing. According to the degree of frustration, the technique of surgery and the traces to remain in the result of surgery are variable. Vertical technique with a vertical trace from the nipple downward will be preferred only in the nipple head around the nipple and in the nipple between the low and middle sagittal levels. Inversely, T-shaped methods are applied when there is too much sagging on the breast.

If the mammal is both small and drooping, breast erect and enlargement operations are performed at the same time. If the volume of breast tissue is inadequate, round-up surgery for sagging breasts will not be the only remedy. Dysplasia surgery removes sagging and reveals more fresh and aesthetic breasts, but the operation of suturing does not increase the volume of the breast. In such cases, breast enlargement surgery should be performed with the denture procedure to ensure adequate filling in the breast.