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Hair loss is both undesirable processes that can cause psychological negative effects on both men and women and can reduce one’s self-confidence. In treatments applied to prevent hair loss, the hair that has fallen in some cases can be restored to the patient. In cases where lost hair can not be recovered, the patient can return to his / her old appearance and self-confident, confident by hair transplantation, after first correcting new hair loss with correct treatments.

In order to get the desired result from hair transplantation procedure, detailed examination before the sowing process and the situation evaluation with the doctor is strictly within the conditions sought. By considering the structure of the hair and the head skin, the healthiest idea about the results of hair transplantation can be reached. Because hair and skin structure and baldness level are different for everyone, hair transplantation may vary according to the patient.

In some cases, the patient may be required to undergo blood tests during the hair transplantation period. Some points to note in this process are:

  • If pain reliever and aspirin are taken before hair transplantation, it should be left.
  • Cigarette smoking should be discontinued before hair transplantation because it prevents the hair from feeding due to circulatory failure.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed from three days before the date on which hair is to be planted.
  • All necessary information should be given to the doctor before the operation for the chronic illness of the patient and the medicines they use consistently.
  • Whichever method of hair fixation is applied, it is absolutely unnecessary to cut your hair for operation. Hair cutting will be done just before the planting operation.
  • When entering the operation, comfortable clothes should be preferred.
  • On the day of the operation, drinks should be kept away from caffeine.
  • On the day of surgery, your doctor and your team will meet you. Your doctor will inform you once more about the surgery, the procedure and the results, and will give you all the doubts about the procedure. As the hairy areas become more visible when your hair is in usual length, it will be preferable to have your hair cut beforehand so that the area and sowing area of ​​the hair follicles will be determined by drawings and the manner and direction of hair scanning will be more clearly understood. Your photos will be taken before the sowing, your hair will be shortened just before the surgery, depending on the method of sowing, how much is needed for the chosen method.
  • A simple medicine to calm you down may be given to you to make you feel calmer and comfortable before the October surgery. When hair transplantation is done, you can have a chance to chat with the team members who are handling your hair in a very sterile environment and relaxed conditions, with your consciousness fully open. Hair planing operations; In addition to local anesthesia, it can be done in a very comfortable way with the application which is called sedation and creates a very slight sleep effect in the patient.
  • In some patients, hair transplantation operations can be difficult, bloody, and painful, as well as extremely misleading prejudices. You will be surprised how easy and quick the operation is with the methods called FUT and FUE. The duration of the seeding process varies depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted and may take 4-6 hours. In the FUE method this time can be up to 8 hours.