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Ameliyatsız Burun Estetiği

Nasal aesthetics without surgery, also known as injection rhinoplasty, is a nasal aesthetic application that takes place in as little as 15 minutes. It is a method preferred by patients who are not warm enough to have surgery because their resilience is not too much but not surgical.

In the case of nasal aesthetics without surgery, patients can be rescued from the aesthetic problems by using injection techniques without seeing the surgical operation. Patients taking injections using hyaluronic acid or fillings made from the patient’s own tissue receive effective results in a very short period of time.

After 15 minutes of non-surgical nasal aesthetics, the shape deformities are removed and the nose is provided with a natural appearance match. The healing period is absent in this operation, so patients can return to their work very quickly. The duration of nasal aesthetics without surgery is about 1 year. During this time, patients who do not want their nose to return to their original state can repeat the procedure.

who can do nasal aesthetics without surgery

  • Patients with deficient volume in the back of the nose, at the tip of the nose and in the side regions of the nose,
  • Patients who are found in the nose arch or on the back of the nose,
  • Those with curvature, tortuosity or asymmetry problems in their nose,
  • After the nasal aesthetic surgery, nose deformities occur,
  • Patients who want to undergo nose revision after failed rhinoplasty,
  • Persons with nasal congestion,
  • Those who want to correct the nasal bridge,
  • Those who have broken their minds and want to be aesthetically corrected, and People with asymmetry in the nostrils can be nasal aesthetics without surgery.
  • When the nose without surgery, the anatomy of the nose structure does not change. The nose is not made smaller or larger.

3D imaging in nasal aesthetics without surgery

Prior to the operation of nasal aesthetics, images taken from patients with 3D Crisalix technology are transferred to the digital medium, where the designs are made and the disease is visualized with virtual reality glasses. Thus, patients can see their noses very comfortably from different angles without entering the operation. The patients are conscious and have a perfect aesthetic operation with 3D planning made in nose aesthetics.