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Dolgu ile Burun Estetiği
Nose Aesthetic with Filling

Nasal aesthetics can be made for patients with mild deformities in the nose after the nasal surgery or those with congenital nasal defects. Cushions and irregularities on the back of the nose can be treated with various fillings.

Anesthesia is not performed in operation which does not require surgery, and the effects of operation are temporary. After 10-15 minutes of treatment, patients can return to their jobs shortly. In practice, filler material containing hyaluronic acid is used.

Depending on the skin and body structures of people, the duration of the process may vary. Fillings that can last for up to 6 months and up to 12 months can be repeated and their effects can be maintained.

  • The intense curvatures on the side are lightened, the less curvature is completely destroyed,
  • The nose tip is lowered,
  • The asymmetry in the place is destroyed,
  • The deformities that occur after rhinoplasty surgery are removed,
  • Correct the problems on the back of the nose,
  • If the nose wing is nicked, it is destroyed,

After Nose Aesthetıc wıth Fıllıng

One of the things the patients are most worried about in the nasal aesthetic applications with filling is that there will be no pain. Since there is no incision on the side when the filling is done, there is no scar after the application as it is painless. No reactions such as edema, swelling or bruise will occur.

Nose aesthetics with the filling of the patients preferred by the patients who do not want surgery is a very effective application for the nose to look better. The process of ensuring successful outcomes in eligible patients can be repeated and the effects of the outcomes can be extended.

With the aesthetic applications, while the problems of the faces of the people are being solved, a natural and aesthetic appearance is provided. Non-operative nasal aesthetics, an ideal method for patients who are not warm to the operation, who complain about the length of the healing process and who do not want to be anesthetized, are preferred by those who do not want to see the results of the procedure immediately and disrupt their daily lives.