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Liposuction (Yağ Alma)

Unwanted fats are difficult to give reasons, even fat is not given. These oils are not limited to the waist and the bases, but can be confronted in every region of our body. It creates a visually impaired situation, including the jaw area, back, lower arms, upper arms and knee areas. That’s why ladies have a lot of complaints. After losing weight, the dangling regions are also confronted as the situation that best describes this design. If a person who has even a slight weight has a region of the body that has abnormally high weight, the definitive solution for these regions is achieved by this method.

The fat cells come to a certain number in the human body, up to the age of adulthood. This number does not change during the rest of the time. Along with the weight-loss phenomenon, these cells only provide physical development. In people who have liposuction, the number of cells is reduced because fat cells are taken out of the body. Even if the person gains weight again, the body structure will not become as bad as the old one.

Is Liposuction Applied After Pregnancy?

Liposuction can be made after pregnancy. It is best to wait for the breastfeeding period to pass. It is useful to note that this employee has at least one year. During this time, the body gives the weight it can give from the natural way and the disinformation in the body is clearly final. In this way, the most healthy condition is provided for the operation to be performed.

Lıposuctıon surgery

Liposuction surgery can be done in several ways. One of them is sedated. If we look generally, anesthesia is applied. Small incisions are made in the areas where the fat cells are taken and they are removed by vacuum method. Depending on the condition of the person who is operated on, it can be seen between 1 hour and 4 hours. This process is entirely due to the situation of the person’s body in relation to the resistance and the operating environment. The healing process also changes with these same factors.

Post Lıposuctıon Surgery

The processes followed after the operation vary depending on the person, the amount of fat taken and the region. Depending on the condition of the patient, it can be discharged within the same day. If the unusual situation is observed while the usual situation is this way, it may change. It may be a matter of waiting at the hospital for a preventative day. It is recommended to use corsets between 3 and 4 weeks to reduce the swelling that may occur in the body of the patient. In this process, the patient catches the form and the swelling that occurs after the operation in the body is achieved in a period of 3 weeks like healing the body. In some patients these swelling can be spread over a longer period. The body of these people is related to resistance. With this resistance varying from person to person, swelling can be completed in 4 to 6 months. So it should not be worried and should be in contact with doctors to improve.