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The nose is the most important organ that gives person elegance and meaning. Beautification is of great importance. It affects the posture and motivation of the person and therefore his health negatively. The beauty of the nose ensures self-confidence and good posture. The most important factor that should be considered in Rhinoplasty is that the nose is the most important part of the face and it is not aesthetically separated from this part. No one’s nose is the same. There will also be a difference in the adjustments made for this reason. The most important aspect of having a face-compatible, natural Rhinoplasty is to make a specialist doctors aesthetic.

It is important that rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia in the hospital environment. The aesthetic process determines the duration of the operation. It can last for 1 or 3 hours in proportion to the technique and operation. Any healthy individual over the age of 18 can be treated with rhinoplasty. Recent research has shown that most of the nasal aesthetic surgery can be done at these ages, since the facial and nasal development is largely completed at 14 to 15 years of age.

One of the important steps in Rhinoplasty is the evaluation and description process. First of all, it is important to determine the nature of the nose and the structure of the nose to be corrected. The nose change and aesthetic condition evaluation should be done with the patient. Consideration of the nose structure, facial ratio and skin type should be considered. Aesthetics done by specialist doctors who have mastered all these processes and processes become miraculous consequences. Otherwise, serious problems and undesirable consequences can arise.

Rhınoplasty wıth 3D Imagıng

Digital design in Rhinoplasty helps both to do good analysis and to give the right and complete meaning to one’s expectation. In response to the question “Will I be able to see the new nose shape after the operation of the Rhinoplasty?”, It can be transferred to a computer with a digital camera and changes can be made with CrisAlix 3-D imaging technology. The appearance that will emerge will be more or less like this after the operation.

Methods Of Rhınoplasty

Open or closed methods can be applied in Rhinoplasty. In closed technique, all incisions are made in the nose and no trace remains. In open techniques, a small incision is additionally included in the middle of the nose. This trace becomes uncertain over time. The surgeon decides which technique will be applied depending on his experience and knowledge. Applying both methods is a possible situation.

After rhınoplasty care?

There are some natural situations that are frightened but in fact you should not be nervous. Some of them are swollen in the eyelids and slightly corneal. Also it may not be hunger. The pain is not seen as it is thought, the first 3 days after the Rhinoplasty, ice application will be applied to this region with intervals will reduce swelling and morale. It is also possible to use it in bruise creams. You may be discharged within the day after the surgery, or you may be hospitalized one day. The first week is the first control phase. The second week describes how to remove the tapes applied to the back of the nose and how to massage when opened.

Frequently Asked Questıons About rhınoplasty

Naturally, there are many questions about the fact that individuals are involved in nasal surgery. To answer questions that are frequently asked, several articles can explain the situation.

“Will there be tampons after Rhinoplasty surgery, will it stay, and will it hurt when the tampons are pulled?”

Into the nose Assoc. Dr. Zühtü Demir does not put a bumper. He sometimes puts grooved silicones. In this way, it is possible to breathe freely from one’s nose and it is not obstructed. In addition, there is no pain or discomfort because the bumper is not withdrawn.

“How will my post-operative nose be?”

During the first examination, the result that will come out in an appropriate manner for the skin and nose structure of the individual is of course not 100% definite, but it informs the doctor about the result to go up and down.

“Will there be post-operative pain?”

Unlike what is known among the people, there is no serious pain. Pain relief pills contribute to reducing both swelling and pain. Extreme pain is not the issue.

“Where can I be in surgery?”

All cosmetic surgeries must be done in the hospital environment. It should not be applied because it is difficult to obtain suitable conditions in different environments.

“Is it possible to open the nasal obstruction and perform aesthetic nose surgery together?”

With the aesthetic surgery, interventions and surgeries are possible to solve the problem of breathing. In this respect, aesthetically it is possible to get together with the problem of breathing and get health together.