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Saç Ekimi Yöntemleri

One of the biggest problems faced by today’s men is hair loss. Sometimes genetics can occur with problems that are sometimes experienced later. With the well-established sense of beauty in society, hair regions in men are an important part. The hair, which is very important in terms of appearance, is a region that needs constant maintenance. In this respect, 2 kinds of male hair loss is performed in the process of hair. We will examine them in turn.

FUE (Follıcular Unıt Extractıon)

In this method, hair transplantation is the process of taking the hair islands as a part without creating a cut that is born in the skin of the skull. During the removal of the hair islands, there is no intervention of the blisters. No stitching is provided for this operation. Because of the lack of sewing, the tension in the ensemble does not come to fruition. In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, the hair is taken with the latest technology tools manufactured just for this process through the scalp hair.

Since the hair islands to be used during the sowing are taken with this method, very small channels are opened to the hairless region where sowing will be done. To open these channels in our clinic, newly introduced needles are used in the field of aesthetic surgery. There are no scars for these opened channels.

It is also very important that the region to be planted is designed to suit the person in terms of external appearance. Elements such as widths, directions and sowing techniques of the channels to be opened are the main points to be noted at this point. In addition, the surgeon to perform the operation must be a skilled surgeon who knows the job.

FUT (Follıcular Unıt Transplantatıon)

In this method, the hair roots to be transplanted begin to be made by taking in accordance with the structure of the nape of the neck, the area in the middle of the ears, the density of hair diplomas and the size of the region to be cultivated according to the flexibility of this region. In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method, the region that contains the hair follicles, not the individual hair follicles, is completely removed from the area to be purchased. This region differs according to the area to be cultivated but it should not exceed a certain size. The area where the hair root is taken must be covered with a medical suture by a specialist plastic surgeon. Maintenance of this area is also very important after the operation is completed. Small channels are opened to the region to be planted and the hair roots that have been purchased are transported here and the operation is completed.