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Hair loss is the general name of hair loss which can be seen as harmless or harmless in every age group, every age group, every age group and every time, but sometimes it can mean a disease or side effect, hair loss or regional or holistic hair loss.


Hair loss can be seen due to many different and independent reasons. Sometimes the cause of hair loss may not even be known or may not be obvious. Often, the reasons for hair loss may be so different and irrelevant that it will frighten us. Discomforts that we can not make a connection with hair can lead to hair loss.

Examples of factors that cause hair loss include; goitre and pregnancy. During both goitre and pregnancy, the patient may experience hair loss, although not very often. Hair loss may occur intensively during the three months following birth, and constantly applied diets are factors that cause hair loss.

The biggest trigger of hair loss is careless and irregular life. If the body can not feed as needed, if rest and sleep needs are not met, hair loss is seen in the person. Unhealthy and irregular diet leads to hair loss. Genetic disorders, such as the wrong shampoo and cream that we apply to our hair cause the hair to fall out even if it contains negative effects.

As with any health condition, early diagnosis and intervention in hair loss disorders also have a great deal of precaution in treatment. Priority in treatment is to prevent new spills. New losses are tried to be prevented by strengthening hair roots. It is also possible from time to time to restore the spilled hair to the patient. However, this is not possible in all hair loss cases.

To Prevent Haır Loss

Patients should at least try to prevent their own hair loss as well as physicians and be aware of the precautions that can be taken. Attention should be paid to the use of combs with appropriate hardness and thread spacing to ensure that the hair is not rigidly scanned. Also, as mentioned above, balanced nutrition should be given importance as well as healthy nutrition, care should be taken to ensure fresh foods are consumed. Adequate intake of liquids and vitamins is extremely important. Liquid and vitamin deficiency lead to serious hair loss.