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Breast restoration operations are technically the same as reduction operations. Despite the sags of the nozzles in the suturing operations, there is no need to remove the tissue because it is not large. Even if the breast is saggy, it is either empty or normal size in size. Memlenin volume is not great.

In the loss of volume of breast tissue; pregnancy, old age, breastfeeding factors play an important role. These factors result in a sagging image of the breast skin, which results in loss of volume. Breast augmentation surgery is performed to correct these sagging complaints and returns the old alien appearance to the breasts. If the volume of breast tissue is insufficient, breast reconstruction may not be sufficient alone in correcting sags. In situations like this where the surgery removes the droplets but does not change the volume of the breast, the breast enlargement surgery and the stabbing operation are applied to the patient at the same time.

In the dipping applications, first the excess skin that is abundant is taken out. The diameter of the isola is reduced to normal size. The nozzle core is moved there from where it should be in the sagittal position. The purpose of the suturing operations is to make the breast more fresh and to stand up as a position.

Breast LIFTING Surgery

Dicing operations; both by sedative anesthesia and general anesthesia. The duration of operation is variable depending on the application and it is 2-3 hours on average. The patient is discharged on the same day or at most one day after the operation.

The traces that may remain in the breast skin vary according to the level of the sagging and the technique of the application. If the size of the slack is light, it remains only in the brown part of the nipple. Sagging is seen at the middle level, starting from the nipple and extending downwards. This type of follow-up is called loli-pop.

If the sagging of the meme is very serious, there will be traces reminiscent of the inverted T in the breast after application. Since more skin can be removed from the patient with this method, this application is generally performed in the digestive operations.

Nipple sagging causes the nipple head to descend and the breast pocket to expand. In chest upturn operations, the breast sagging is corrected by taking the nipple head and breast tissue up. The aim of breast augmentation operations is to make the breast look better in terms of aesthetics and contribute to the beauty of the patient, self-esteem and more peace with the body. In digestive surgery, unlike reduction operations, there is no medical need to remove the breast tissue. This may lead to trauma from the operation becoming more important for the patient. Therefore, before the operation, the patient should be informed until the finest detail is reached, and warnings about the remaining traces and dimensions should be made in the most accurate and clear manner.

The method to be applied in the dewatering operations may vary depending on the level of deformation in the neck. In these surgeries, patients’ greatest desire is to reach the most successful result with minimal traces. As well as the desire to reach the best result, the results of surgery are permanent and the fact that the mammals do not deteriorate further after the procedure also have an important place in the patients’ wishes and expectations.

There are many variables that affect whether the change provided in breast augmentation operations is permanent. Therefore, the survival of the operation differs from patient to patient. While some patients may not be able to prevent the mammal from re-sagging, the breast erection can be permanently maintained in a group of patients with different characteristics. Patients who are rich in breast tissue, have no cracks in their skin, have a good tone in the breast skin, and in cases where the rectification surgery is performed with the silicone breast augmentation operation, more successful and lasting results are obtained in the long term in terms of breast erosion. In addition, there is no persistence in the breast that has cracked breast skin, has undergone deformation due to pregnancy or sudden and excessive weight changes, and the breast deteriorates sooner. The most common complaints of patients are the resurrection of the breasts and the decrease of the upper mantle of the mammary gland.

The level of the saddle in the mouth can be understood by looking at the degree of sagging of the nipple head. As the level of sagging at the nipple increases, the breast pocket grows, and in this case, the amount of skin to be removed from the breast also increases. At the same time, the results of the operation and the traces left by the operation are also directly influenced. In cases where there is little sagging at the groin, the marks will be less persistent and the success rate of surgery will increase.

There is no need to remove the sutures after suturing operations. Simple painkillers will suffice in the treatment of post-operative pain. Within a week of the surgery, the patient can return to his normal life.