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Vücut Estetiği Ankara

It is very important that the person is in peace with himself / herself and that his / her self-esteem is in place and that he / she finds his body beautiful so that he / she can look and feel well. The fact that the body measurements do not conform to the aesthetic criteria causes the person to be unhappy and dissatisfied with his / her body. Handicaps like social complaints such as being complainant of the body, embarrassment, disgust, not wearing the desired outfit may cause psychological problems by putting pressure on the person.

Body aesthetics is a subject that grows, renews, gaining importance and expanding in scope with the developing technologies and possibilities. Aesthetic operations performed on all areas outside the face can be evaluated under the heading of body aesthetics. Body aesthetics can be performed either surgically or without surgery. Body aesthetic applications vary according to the patient’s complaint. In the case of excessive weight loss complaints are made to stretch the entire body through correction, while standard weight patients require regional body aesthetic operation. The most important complaint that needs to be corrected with body aesthetic operations is undesirable excess fat. Deformation due to relaxation and sagging in the skin takes place in the second place. The main reasons for this sag and loosening are pregnancy and sudden weight changes. One of the biggest problems with body aesthetics is that the inner leg and buttocks areas do not have the desired volume. These complaints are usually treated by oil injection or implantation.

Prior to aesthetic operations, the current state of the patient and expectations should be well analyzed and informed clearly about the consequences of patient surgery. It should be done especially on stretching operations and should be shared permanently with the patient using sample images of the incision traces on the body. If the patient is planned to undergo combined surgery, general risk assessment should be performed before the operation, chronic diseases such as heart, obesity, diabetes or surgery should be planned separately in case of advanced age. It is more appropriate to perform combined surgery for young and weak patients who do not carry a risk factor.

While the surgery is planned after the risk assessment, the deformation in the body, the length of the healing process and the patient’s expectations are of great importance. Aesthetic methods without surgery can be applied to patients who do not want surgery and have less deformation. Patient surgical procedures that require greater change and are suitable for surgical intervention are planned. The operation plan must be made according to the patient and additional procedures that may need to be applied to the patients after excessive weight loss after surgery should be shared.

Body Aesthetıc Surgery

Body aesthetic surgeries in aesthetic surgery are classified as major operations because they cover many areas. The most common examples of body aesthetic operations are; abdominal stretching, arm stretching, butt enlargement, leg prosthesis, genital area aesthetics, thigh stretching, bacağa oil injection, laser liposuction operations.

Non-operative practices are highly effective in regional weight loss and cellulite treatment. In these applications, quite successful results can be obtained by using cavitation with Eximia (Radiofrequency) and cold lipolysis methods with Lipofreeze.